Tina's Tiaras - The Right Tiara Can Change Everything
About Me
First of all, I am not now, nor have I ever been a princess.  Princesses sit around and look pretty, We all know who does all the work...the Queen.  I am the Queen of my own little world, and I like it just fine.
I live in the country, outside of Athens, Ohio  in a small town named Shade. Yep, I have it made in Shade.  
  I not only clean my own house, but mow the grass  and  plumb the  pipes as well.  The neighbors have grown accustom to seeing me getting the mail or riding the mower while sporting a fine tiara. (well maybe not grown accustom, but they have stopped staring.) 
My Honey of 12 years, John and I  share our home with many animals. Currently: 3 dogs, 3 cats, 12 chickens 5 ducks and a large tortoise.  
 I have been designing and making tiaras for 12 years. The first ones as holiday presents for my Diva girlfriends. Well, the Divas squealed with delight and proceeded to wear them everywhere.  Their friends saw them, liked them and the rest is history.

It is a huge blessing that I can support us by making tiaras.  This is my passion and all I think about. I finally quit my day job and now I get to live in the land of tiaras all the time.  Life is good!
                                                  Love, Tina  
             Head Queen and Boss of Tina's Tiaras   
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