Tina's Tiaras - The Right Tiara Can Change Everything

Welcome to my store.  I hope you find something that you love. 

Please excuse my almost empty shop.  I am making tiaras as fast as I can. This is show season for me and I need most of my inventory with me.  Since most are one of a kind, it is hard for me to post all of them on this page.  Please go to my facebook page: Tina's Tiaras and you will find photos of all my tiaras. If you want to purchase one of them, just message me, I'll let you know if it is possible.  I will send you an invoice which you can pay with any credit card and it will be delivered to your home in no time. 
All tiaras can be custom made to your liking. Go to the Contact page and let me know what you would like and I will tell you if you are right. 

Have I mentioned that I can add tiny LED lights to just about any design for $10 more?  Check with me for color choices.
They come in handy during power outages and I wear mine to outdoor concerts, camping and late night walks in the woods.  Your friends can find you if you get separated from the group after a few adult beverages. It's only $10 more so why not? It could save your life after all.

Blue Delight Tiara
From the mermaid inspired line. Rhinestone Brooches, pearls and glass beads in shades of ivory and blues on quite the wire frame.
Price: $159.00
Queen of the Mermaids in White
This metal mermaid is at home surrounded by ivory pearls and clear crystals. Simply stunning.
Price: $98.00
Queen of the Mermaids in Blues
Metal mermaid charm surrounded by glass beads in colors of the sea. This one would be perfect to add lights to. I can see this one out on the town.
Price: $98.00
Mermaid Tiara
Metal mermaid charm surrounded by glass beads in shades of green and blue.
Price: $78.00
White Mermaid Tiara
Metal Mermaid charm surrounded by pearls and crystals. super Fabulous!
Price: $78.00
Pink Pussy Ears
Need ears that are comfortable in warmer weather? I have you covered. 10% of the proceeds will go to fund Planned Parenthood. Pink glass pearls on Sterling plated wire and metal headband.
Price: $15.00
Rainbow Empress
Tall and imposing. Let this one show everyone where you stand and who you are. Show your pride with glass in rainbow colors.
Price: $89.00
Rainbow Princess Tiara
This little princess is just right for everyday wear. Rainbow glass beads, sterling plated copper wire on a metal headband.
Price: $34.00
Rainbow Flower Fairy Tiara
Yay! We love a rainbow and these flowers make it even more fun. All the fairies are going to want to wear this one.
Price: $30.00
Party of Spiders on your Head Tiara
Who wouldn't want a bunch of spiders to decorate their head? This was made while watching a marathon of Game of Thrones and I think it shows.
Price: $58.00
Watching out
There are so many fine details on this watch part. It needed to be the center piece of something pretty special. I like the way it turned out. The leaves give it a vintage feel.
Price: $88.00
Leaf Headband
You have no idea how hard it was for me to edit myself to make this simple and elegant headband. I love it and yes, you can get away with wearing this one everyday.
Price: $44.00
Buddha and turquoise Tiara
Carved Buddha bead with turquoise and African Opal beads. So special: simple and sweet.
Price: $42.00
Blue Flower Fairy Tiara
Sweet resin flowers layered to make one amazing tiara/headband for your wood Nymph. Resin flowers made of vintage molds make this even more special.
Price: $30.00
Brown and Amber Flower Fairy Tiara
Acrylic flowers in shades of amber and browns. So sweet and fall- like.
Price: $30.00
Black and White Flower Fairy Tiara
This flower band is made up of acrylic flowers, layered to give this effect.
Price: $30.00
Tiny Dancer
Sweet little ballerina in pinks. Delicate and sweet sparkles.
Price: $58.00
LED lights
I can add lights to just about any tiaras. You need to check with me first to make sure. Contact me for color choices.
Price: $10.00
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