Tina's Tiaras - The Right Tiara Can Change Everything
 Nothing can make you feel as special and fabulous as some bling for your head.
Doing housework in a tiara can make it almost fun. Well, not really, but it will make you feel fabulous. 
Sure they are big fun on special occasions such as birthdays, bachelorette parties,  but think outside the box: try one on long car trips with your family or while lunching or with your girlfriends. You meet the most interesting folks that way.
 I like to wear mine: .
  • In my car after a long day at work. (I keep one on the dashboard for emergencies.)
  • At  pageants or parties.
  • Once a year for my mammogram.
It is my pleasure to share my tiaras with the world. It is my goal to make sure that every Diva, Queen and Princess gets the tiara of his or her dreams.  

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