Tina's Tiaras - The Right Tiara Can Change Everything
Queen Bee
This watch part is decorated with a beautiful bee. I added some silver flowers and many, many leaves. I think the bee looks very happy here.
Price: $68.00
Stylized Cross Tiara
Oh, this one is super special. A vintage necklace is the center/focus piece. Other necklace parts, glass beads and metal leaves celebrate how wonderful it is. One an adjustable band that circles your head for comfort.
Price: $135.00
Keys and Jasper
Gears, leaves, keys and a huge piece of Jasper that compliments the shades of brass. Who knew keys could look so fabulous?
Price: $88.00
Every Which Way
Oh this one is full of parts and pieces. One of my favorite watch parts surrounded by gears, Amber beads and, my favorite, a copper piece from a vintage rotary phone. Ooh la la!
Price: $98.00
This watch part has all kinds of personality. Lots of inset gears and hollows. I surrounded it with leaves that really seem to suit it.
Price: $54.00
Fairy in the Leaves
Flutter and bang, the sound that she makes on this great tiara. Silver and brass leaves surround this sweet golden fairy.
Price: $68.00
I am so inspired by old watches, gears and other found objects. I hope you love their individual specialness as much as I.
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