Tina's Tiaras - The Right Tiara Can Change Everything
About Me
First of all, I am not now, nor have I ever been a princess.  Princesses sit around and look pretty, We all know who does all the work...the Queen.  I am the Queen of my own little world, and I like it just fine.
I live in the country, outside of Athens, Ohio  in a small town named Shade. Yep, I have it made in Shade.  Sharing my 25 acres are many four legged animals who are completely useless when it comes to housework.  I not only clean my own house, but mow the grass  and  plumb the  pipes as well.  The neighbors have grown accustom to seeing me getting the mail or riding the mower while sporting a fine tiara. (well maybe not grown accustom, but they have stopped staring.)
 Don't feel sorry for me, because the Shade Winery is  within walking distance and not only make a great dry table wine, but are charming and entertaining when I need it.  The owner will even drive me home if I don't feel like walking.  I may live in the middle of nowhere, but I am not a barbarian.
My Honey of 9 years, John, just moved in this past summer. Between us, we have: two dogs, five cats, 6 chickens and two tortoises.  He helps with the tiaras by wearing them on occasion, helping at shows (mostly doing on the heavy lifting and mechanical work) and running the money end.  He is officially the manager of this site, so if you don't like something, blame it on John, he won't mind. 
 I have been designing and making tiaras for 8 years.  I made my first ones as holiday presents for my Diva girlfriends who lunch and shop with me every month. We had been wearing rhinestone tiaras, and I thought it time we had something special.
 As a small girl, I made jewelry out of colored wire that I begged from the phone company.  I moved on to sewing, embroidery and a little painting. All of which were sold out of my locker at school, stores, and craft shows.  
When I decided to make tiaras as gifts for the Divas, all my jewelry making as a child came rushing back.  I remembered how to do swirls and corkscrews which are still my favorites. 
 Well, the Divas squealed with delight and proceeded to wear them everywhere.  Their friends saw them, liked them and wanted their own, until soon,  total strangers started calling me to get in on it.  Giddy with sudden infamy,  I just couldn't stop.
 I have been known to sell them out of my car, at the grocery store, and even at funerals. Now they let me sell them at shows and galleries and I have my own website.  Thus is the magic of the tiara.
I wake up in the morning thinking about tiaras. I haunt bead shows like some crazy addict so stoned on all the bling that I have had to hire a lady sitter who is not dazzled by all the shiny to keep me on task. It is my passion. I finally quit my day job and now I get to live in the land of tiaras all the time.  Life is good!
                      Love, Tina Kelsey 
               Head Queen and Boss of Tina's Tiaras   
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