Tina's Tiaras - The Right Tiara Can Change Everything

Now that you know how much I love anything to do with tiaras, here are my lovelies, all made by myself.
All tiaras can be custom made to your liking. Go to the Contact page and let me know what you would like and I will tell you if you are right. 

Have I mentioned that I can add tiny LED lights to just about any design for $10 more?  You have a choice of: warm white, purple, or Blue.
They come in handy during power outages and I wear mine to outdoor concerts, camping and late night walks in the woods.  Your friends can find you if you get separated from the group after a few adult beverages. It's only $10 more so why not? It could save your life after all.

Over The Top with Dragon and Peacock feathers.
I seem to have been left unsupervised and the result is this: Over The Top with Dragon and Peacock feathers. The deep blue green glass beads really bring out the colors in the feathers and the green dragon. This one is built on an adjustable band that circles your head.
Price: $168.00
Bold Butterfly and Leaves.
Bold Butterfly and Leaves. So fabulous! Metal butterfly wired to metal leaves on a metal headband.
Price: $68.00
These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
This tiara has it all. dogs, cats, birds, skulls, colors, and size. This one is 12 inches wide and sits almost as high. On an adjustable twisted wire band. Go big or go home.
Price: $220.00
Blue Delight Tiara
From the mermaid inspired line. Rhinestone Brooches, pearls and glass beads in shades of ivory and blues on quite the wire frame.
Price: $159.00
Queen of the Mermaids in White
This metal mermaid is at home surrounded by ivory pearls and clear crystals. Simply stunning.
Price: $98.00
Queen of the Mermaids in Blues
Metal mermaid charm surrounded by glass beads in colors of the sea. This one would be perfect to add lights to. I can see this one out on the town.
Price: $98.00
Mermaid Tiara
Metal mermaid charm surrounded by glass beads in shades of green and blue.
Price: $78.00
White Mermaid Tiara
Metal Mermaid charm surrounded by pearls and crystals. super Fabulous!
Price: $78.00
Queen of Dragons Tiara
This amazing dragon brooch is surrounded by purple and pink crystal beads. Gold wire mounted on a black headband. Yikes. So much to love.
Price: $124.00
Vintage Headbands
Headbands made of vintage earrings wired to a metal frame. Let me pick one for you, or message me with your choice of colors.
Price: $38.00
Silver Flower on the Side Tiara
New life for this silver pendent. Mixed with silver beads, and other metal objects, this is a stunner. Made on a twisted wire band that is adjustable.
Price: $78.00
Pink Pussy Ears
Need ears that are comfortable in warmer weather? I have you covered. 10% of the proceeds will go to fund Planned Parenthood. Pink glass pearls on Sterling plated wire and metal headband.
Price: $15.00
Multicolor 1/2 Empress Tiara
Still lots of color and bling in half the size. Bring it on. Glass beads, sterling plated copper wire on a metal headband.
Price: $52.00
Rainbow Empress
Tall and imposing. Let this one show everyone where you stand and who you are. Show your pride with glass in rainbow colors.
Price: $89.00
Rainbow 1/2 Empress Tiara
Who doesn't need a rainbow on their head. Love the size of this one. Makes an impact without getting in your way. You need this one.Glass beads, sterling plated copper wire on a metal headband.
Price: $52.00
Rainbow Princess Tiara
This little princess is just right for everyday wear. Rainbow glass beads, sterling plated copper wire on a metal headband.
Price: $30.00
Rainbow Flower Fairy Tiara
Yay! We love a rainbow and these flowers make it even more fun. All the fairies are going to want to wear this one.
Price: $30.00
Eye of the Tiger Tiara
Vintage jewelry has never looked so good. Even though your Aunt Jennifer probably rocked this baby back in the day. Vintage jewelry gold plated copper wire on a black metal headband. ROAR!
Price: $68.00
Rhinestone Spiderweb Tiara
Who knew a spider could be so pretty? It is quite the stunner. Sterling plated wire web with a repurposed rhinestone spider brooch .
Price: $58.00
White light
This one is powerful! Pearls, skulls, stones and clear crystals Wired to a metal headband. Sits a whopping 4.5 inches high. So fabulous.
Price: $89.00
Peacock on Parade Tiara
Who doesn't like a peacock? It is next on my pets I most want to have list. This tiara is full of glass beads in blues, purples and greens. The feathers are adhered to wool and wired to the frame of the tiara. Just fabulous is what it is.
Price: $98.00
Party of Spiders on your Head Tiara
Who wouldn't want a bunch of spiders to decorate their head? This was made while watching a marathon of Game of Thrones and I think it shows.
Price: $58.00
Steampunk Deer Skull Tiara
Oh how I love this deer skull. Metal charm and gears. Brass tone.
Price: $40.00
Dainty Butterfly Steampunk Tiara
This brassy butterfly is mixed with just a few gears. Sits just under 2 inches high at center.
Price: $38.00
Dragonfly Steampunk Tiara
Dragonflies are one of those creatures that people just can not get enough of. This metal charm is attached to gears with sterling plated copper wire on a metal headband.
Price: $38.00
Amber Fairy Tiara
Metal Fairy dangles on a tiara made of beads in shades of amber. You will love this and gets lots of compliments where ever you wear this.
Price: $42.00
Silver and Purple Butterfly Tiara
large silver butterfly - isn't it beautiful? Flanked by purple and clear faceted glass beads.
Price: $48.00
Purple Dragonfly Tiara
Princess tiara in purples with a metal dragonfly that dangles. I love a good dangle.
Price: $40.00
Tiny Half-moon Fairy on Gears
This little fairy is swinging on the moon attached to some great gears. Super sweet!
Price: $38.00
Pearl Cluster Tiara
Perfect for brides, but looks fabulous all the time.
Price: $48.00
African Opal Duchess Tiara
These African Opals are not really opals, they have a jade like quality as well as veins much like turquoise but much more affordable.
Price: $54.00
Buddha and turquoise Tiara
Carved Buddha bead with turquoise and African Opal beads. So special: simple and sweet.
Price: $42.00
Sally Sue
Not a tiara and not for sale, but she is something and I thought you might enjoy a picture of her. My sweet Sally. She is a rescue and I think we saved each other. Dogs are great. Carry on.
Price: $100,000,000,000,000,000.00
Oh Those Crazy OSU Fans! Tiara
Beads in your favorite team colors.
Price: $38.00
Princess in Scarlet and Grey Tiara
You sports fans crack me up. You love your teams and I will make sure you root for them in style.
Price: $30.00
Amber Princess Tiara
This is a classic design in shades of Amber. It sits low on the head but picks up all the sparkle and bling.Glass beads, sterling plated copper wire on a metal headband.
Price: $34.00
Black Princess Tiara
Oh, this one is crazy beautiful, stylish and elegant. Black and clear faceted glass beads on sterling plated wire.
Price: $34.00
Black Duchess Tiara
Black and clear glass beads in a stunning design. This one is for you.Glass beads, sterling plated copper wire on a metal headband.
Price: $40.00
Amber Duchess Tiara
This beauty sits nice and tall. Classic and elegant.Glass beads, sterling plated copper wire on a metal headband.
Price: $40.00
Pink, Pink on Pink Flower Fairy Tiara
Layered flowers in shades of pink wired to a wire frame. This tiara can be worn as a headband too. Perfect for all fairies and those who want to be.
Price: $30.00
Blue Flower Fairy Tiara
Sweet resin flowers layered to make one amazing tiara/headband for your wood Nymph. Resin flowers made of vintage molds make this even more special.
Price: $30.00
Brown and Amber Flower Fairy Tiara
Acrylic flowers in shades of amber and browns. So sweet and fall- like.
Price: $30.00
Black and White Flower Fairy Tiara
This flower band is made up of acrylic flowers, layered to give this effect.
Price: $30.00
Amber Headband
These small tiaras are more like headbands, sitting .5 inches high. It can be worn every day.
Price: $25.00
Ivory Pearl Headband
This one can be worn anytime you want to feel special or let others know who they are dealing with. Headband in ivory glass pearls with clear glass beads on a metal headband.
Price: $25.00
Pink Pearl Headband
Mini Tiara that can be worn as a headband. For those days when you want to feel special at work or the grocery store. Clear glass and pink glass pearls on a metal headband.
Price: $25.00
Multicolor Headband
Glass beads in all colors to be worn like a headband. So sparkly. Cheer up, your day just got brighter.
Price: $25.00
Pink and White Pearl Duchess Tiara
Super sweet. Pink and natural glass pearls with clear crystals. Sits 2 inches high.
Price: $28.00
Blue Heart Mini Princess Tiara
A little smaller than the regular princess, this one is still amazing and beautiful. Acrylic heart with glass faceted beads. sits 1.5 inches high.
Price: $20.00
Purple Heart Princess with pink
This sweet acrylic heart looks like the real deal.Purple and hot pink fit for your princesses.
Price: $20.00
Pink Heart Mini Princess Tiara
Faceted acrylic heart with clear bead.
Price: $20.00
Purple Heart Mini Princess Tiara
Purple acrylic heart and purple beads. How many princesses do you know that want this one?
Price: $20.00
LED lights
I can add lights to just about any tiaras. You need to check with me first to make sure. Colors: clear, pink, blue, purple.
Price: $10.00
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